It’s Christmas!

What are HoloInvites?

HoloInvites are the best thing to happen to greeting cards since paper was invented. Using the FREE VuHolo app (android, iOS & HoloLens), see your cards come to life. All you have to do is open VuHolo and point your camera at your greeting cards. Check out the video to see for yourself!

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  • "That's sick! It's like a video game eh!" - Mohammad Khan

  • "Downloaded the app to try out the HoloInvite I purchased! Was really freaking cool! Can't wait to see more from you guys!!" - DonnaG34

  • It's super litty. This is like from the future. - ec369


  • Do I need to download an app to see the hologram?

    Yes, the FREE VuHolo app is available here: android, iOS & HoloLens

  • I just see a camera, how do I get the hologram to appear?

    Ensure that you have loaded VuHolo and that your HoloInvite is fully visible on your screen. Allow the camera to focus on your HoloInvite and also ensure there is proper lighting. Holograms may not appear if there is not enough light.

  • Do you make custom cards?

    Yes we do! Please contact us at customercare@holoinvites.com to get a FREE consultation.

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