About Us

We love receiving Greeting Cards.  Greeting cards transform an ordinary moment into a special occasion captured by a simple sentiment. There is a reason you can’t throw out that stack of greeting cards you’ve collected over the years!

So, we at HoloInvites thought it was time to take this experience to another dimension but without losing the personal interactive touch that we value so much when we give someone a greeting card.

Powered by VuHolo, a free Android, Apple and HoloLens capable App, we were able to create HoloInvites with an outstanding variety of Augmented Reality Greeting Cards that can spread love, holiday cheer and birthday wishes with a unique touch. By pointing your phone, tablet or HoloLens at the front of the card, you can watch an interactive animation come to life and you will see how a HoloInvite is a Gift within itself!

With AR, a single card can go beyond just a piece of paper and have several stories and experiences you can share with others. Our cards are more exciting and interactive than regular greeting cards and you can have this experience anywhere you take your mobile device, that makes it really easy to share, and play anytime.

This Christmas we have 4 Different Augmented Reality Cards that will all be packaged in a box of 8 featuring 2 of each card with their matching envelopes. We will also be selling individually packaged Christmas cards, as well as all occasion cards such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations and more. With our effective custom packing and displays, customers are able to easily identify how to use our product.

How did HoloInvites start?

HoloInvites began when Toronto artist, Ashley Warrington, met with Toronto Developer, Daniel Carrera to talk about how we can bring art and technology together in a fun way. We love the CG effects that are seen in movies and video games and thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring these effects to the real world?” That’s exactly what it feels like we’re doing.

Although Development began on the Microsoft HoloLens, we are excited to bring augmented reality experiences to Android and iOS devices.



The Team

Ashley Warrington
Lover of Toronto, Art and Fashion. 23 Years old born in Collingwood, Ontario. Definition of a Canadian Country Girl moved to the city to pursue her dreams! "Putting in the time that it takes to be fly as a Motha. ✌️
Daniel Carrera
CG, Gaming, Sci-Fi fan. Almost 30 year old raised in Vegas and the GTA. Inventing and tinkering since childhood, decided to make a career out of it. "Let's just make cool stuff and have fun"


Our Partners

VuHolo is a FREE app which provides the platform that enables us to display our holographic content. It's available for download on android, iOS & HoloLens.
Death In Venice - Gelato & Market
Hosted our first PopUp Shop! P.S. Check out their logo with VuHolo, they have a really cool Holo augmented to it :). Check them out at www.deathinvenice.ca/.